WindForce Ltd to develop Karadiyana Waste to Energy Power Plant

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 It has been decided that Sri Lanka’s WindForce Ltd will be developing Karadiyana Waste to Energy Power Plant. This news was revealed following a share sale and purchase agreement made with Fairway Holdings Ltd. 

WindForce is popularly known for introducing cutting edge technology to Sri Lanka’s renewable energy industry. Following the agreement, Windforce now has a stake amounting to 92.5% in Fairway Waste Management Ltd. 

The Karadiyana Plant is a incinerator plant with a capacity of 400 metric tons per day and contains a 100 metric ton per day anaerobic digester, together generating 10MW of electricity which is then supplied to the National Grid.The incineration plant will help generate high pressure steam to operate a steam turbine.  

The plant is located 15 km away from Colombo. It can generate a total of 500 metric tons of input daily. Waste management is a challenging task in Sri Lanka. Accordingly,this will contribute towards managing the 7,000 metric tons of daily waste being accumulated in Sri Lanka. 60% of this accumulated waste originates from the Western Province.The anaerobic digestion plant will be used to produce biogas through the input of organic waste.

Waste to energy plants work to conserve fossil fuels, provide eco-friendly sustainable solutions and even reduce landfills. Such innovative ventures become key when it comes to implementing sustainable policies; to mitigate climate change and climate disasters.

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