Visas of foreigners and tourists residing in Sri Lanka Extended by 60 days

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The immigration office recently announced that Visas of foreigners and tourists residing in Sri Lanka will be extended for 60 days, in an attempt to abide by virus containment measures. 

All categories of Visas will receive an automatic extension from May 11 to July 9, 2021, without any penalty. Resident visas have also been extended till July 9. Those who wish to leave are required to visit the Department of Immigration and Emigration, located in Battaramulla, in order to obtain their endorsement and pay the relevant Visa fee. 

Those is possession of a tourist visa can visit

 in order to pay the relevant Visa fee and those with resident Visas can contact the authorities on 0707101050, at any time during  0830 to 1500hours, to book an appointment to get their visa endorsed at the Head Office.

In case of any emergency, Passports will be issued to Sri Lankans from the head office in Battaramulla or regional offices located in Kandy, Vavuniya, Matara and Kurunegala.

Contact details

  • Website:
  • Travel Division – Battaramulla Head Office — 0707101060, 0707101070
  • Visa Division – Battaramulla – 0707101050
  • Citizenship Division – Battaramulla — 07071001030
  • Ports Branch – Battaramulla – 0777782505
  • Kandy Regional Office – 081-562-4509, 081-562-447- 
  • Matara Regional Office – 041-5412212, 041-5104444
  • Vavuniya Regional Office — 02505676344, 025-567-6345
  • Kurunegala Regional Office — 037-555-0562, 037-555-0563

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