The Maldives bans travellers from South Asia

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In an attempt to guard against the rapid spread of Covid-19 in South Asia, on Wednesday The Maldives announced a travel ban on travellers entering the Island from South Asian countries.

Maldives too has experienced a rising number of cases, with 1,500 cases being reported on Tuesday; compared to less than 100 cases 30 days ago. 

India in particular is experiencing a deadly wave of the virus. The largest number of travellers to the island have been from India.

Accordingly the Government of Maldives, temporarily suspended the issuance of Visas for travellers setting off from India, Bhutan,Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan,  Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

Those required to spend more than 24 hours in transit, at the above listed countries, will also be banned from entering. Furthermore,those who have visited the above mentioned countries 14 days prior will also be prevented from entry.

Apart from those listed, travellers arriving from other countries are permitted to travel to the Maldives’ resort islets, after undergoing a negative PCR test (taken within 96 hours before arrival). However, they are not allowed to mix with the local populace.

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