SL Medical Association warns of imminent COVID-19 third wave threat

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The Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) has warned against the threat of the Covid-19 third wave and has urged citizens to take necessary precautions, in order to guard against contacting the virus.

The SLMA said that over the next three weeks, citizens should take measures to stay away from crowds, wear masks and implement social distancing whenever travelling outside.

They revealed that there has been a rapid rise in people contacting the virus as well as the number of patients requiring ventilators and treatment in Intensive Care Units.


Patients display atypical symptoms: experience rapid deterioration and serious clinical symptoms.

Younger patients with more serious symptoms.

New strains could result in rapid transmission of the virus [unconfirmed]

The SLMA also urged that more attention should be paid with regards to awareness on new strains of the virus and remove all stigmas surrounding the diagnosis of Covid-19.

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