Proposal to develop Sri Lanka into a green economy

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Proposals have been put forth to transform Sri Lanka’s economy into a green socio-economy, focused on sustainable policies. A proposal was presented to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in this regard at a meeting held with representatives of the ‘Presidential Task Force, on the topic of Creating a Green Sri Lanka with Sustainable Solutions to Climate Change’.The meeting was hosted at the Presidential Secretariat.

The plan outlines several proposals. Accordingly:

  • The President has instructed the relevant ministries to give due priority to develop the following areas: use of biodiversity, land, fertilisers,waste management, industries, renewable energy as well as  urban and environmental education.
  • Special focus will be placed on increasing forest density, afforestation and  the preservation of ecozones by making  use of abandoned chenas in protected forests, and lands with invasive vegetation for the forestry development process, will be considered
  • The government has set a target to improve the forest cover in Sri Lanka to 30%, by 2025. When improving forest cover first priority will be given to crops like  jackfruit, breadfruit and fruits which support human and animal consumption.
  • The imperative need to address the high use of plastic and ways in which more sustainable alternatives can be introduced was also discussed. 
  • The need to ban non-biodegradable materials was also highlighted; with special focus being placed on raising awareness on sustainable choices through education and extracurriculars in schools.
  • plans outlined by the government show that ,by the year 2030,80% of Sri Lanka’s energy needs will be sourced through renewable energy. Tree planting projects will also be carried out, under the directives of the President.

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