Ministry of Regional Cooperation launches Creative Economy Programme

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The concept of a “creative economy” is a dynamic one which involves economic activities that depend on an individual’s creative capabilities and artisitic talents. 

Creative economies contribute significantly towards income,exportsand employment.

Accordingly the State Ministry of Regional Co-operation in Sri Lanka recently launched a “Creative Economy Programme”. The aim of the initiative is to contribute positively to the country’s economy,while promoting the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

Virtual discussions were held last week between Indonesia and  Sri Lanka with regards to these two initiatives. It witnessed the participation  of CEO of SMESCO Indonesia Leonard Theosobrata, as well as leading Indonesian architects in the industry.

The program will be implemented through 2 major projects.

The first will be a project focused on the development of the batik industry in Sri Lanka and the promotion of SL’s architectural heritage. This will be done in collaboration with Indonesia. Indonesian expertise will help develop the methodology within the batik industry, in order to create world class batik products; which can then be sold in the international market.

This project has been launched in association with the the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Indonesia, State Ministry of Batik, Fabric and Local Apparel Products, private sector batik manufacturers and SMESCO of the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives of Indonesia.

The second project involves collaborative initiatives to promote the architectural heritage of both Indonesia and Sri Lanka, abroad. Accordingly, architects from Indonesia will visit Sri Lanka, in order to study prominent architectural sites and make recommendtions on how to make our unique heritge accessible to the broader world. Such a collaborative effort will also positively contribute towards tourism indutry in Sri Lanka.

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