Gov. to strengthen Environmental Act?

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Proposals have been put forth to amend the Environmental Act enacted in the 1980. Accordingly the Environment Ministry has sought Cabinet approval to make 42 amendments to the existing act. 

The Act was previously amended on two separate occasions, once in 1988 and later in 2000. Thus the Cabinet has reviewed proposals and granted approval to make necessary changes to the act,once again.

Commenting on this matter, Energy Minister and Cabinet Co-Spokesman Udaya Gammanpila said that the National Environmental Act of No. 47 of 1980, needs to be updated in line with rapid industrial and urban development which has taken place in Sri Lanka. The new act will take into consideration current  issues such as environmentally friendly management and use of chemicals,hazardous discharges and waste in Sri Lanka.

The act will seek to strengthen the following procedures: the licencing process and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs) process. Under new amendments,an Effluent Tax will also be implemented.

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