GMOA’s Proposal to the Health Authorities

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The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) recently proposed a 11 point proposal of measures to be implemented, in order to curtail the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka.

The following measure have been put forward:

  1. Increased testing capacity.
  2. Firm implementation of virus containment measures: area based lockdowns and other restrictions based on real time data.
  3. Securing Covid-19 vaccines in required amounts
  4. Proper administration of vaccinations to the population, according to local and international guidelines.
  5. An accurate collection of data, from the public and private sectors
  6. Accurate data handling at the Epidemiology Unit, with all consultant community physicians. 
  7. Mobilizing necessary manpower to increase the efficiency of the  Epidemiology Unit.
  8. Sharing of data to all parties, using GPS tracking mechanisms.
  9. Drawing up a plan to expand hospital and ICU treatment facilities proportional to estimates of rising covid-19 patients who need immediate care
  10. Home isolation of asymptomatic patients based on scientific specifications.
  11.  Expanding social capital through risk assessment and communication while countering misinformation spread by authorities.

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