First Capital Holdings PLC records best performance in history

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First Capital Holdings PLC recorded a Consolidated Profit After Tax of Rs 2.09 billion for the financial year 2020/21, a significant growth compared to figures recorded last year: Consolidated Profit After Tax of Rs 1.07 billion.

In a statement, Company Chairman Nishan Fernando, said that this growth was a testament to the companys’ long standing credibility and success.

The following changes were also recorded:

  • The Company’s financial position remains strong with total assets of Rs 36.7Bn and Equity nearing Rs 4.8Bn.
  • The Total Comprehensive Income recorded for the year 2020/21 is Rs 2.01 billion compared to Rs 1.04Bn reported for 2019/20
  • ICRA Ratings have upgraded the ranking of First Capital Holdings PLC to [SL]A with a Stable outlook
  • A Profit after Tax of Rs 83 Mn was recorded for the year, delivering its best financial results to date. 
  • The division recorded major growth in its assets, with figures rising from Rs 26.4Bn (March 31, 2020) to end at Rs 45.2Bn as at 31st March 2021. (The First Capital Money Market Fund has been the first to surpass Rs 20Bn in Assets in its category (Open-Ended Money Market Fund) 
  • The Stock Brokering division of First Capital Holdings recorded a significant  increase in Profit after Tax of Rs 75Mn for the year 2020/21.
  • The company recorded an interim dividend of Rs 5 per share amounting to Rs 506.25Mn for the year 2020/21 in March 2021

First Capital Holdings PLC referred to their financial performance as the best in the Company’s History. New strategic plans have been put in place, with ambitions to steer the company to greater success.

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