Ceylon Chamber of Commerce together with Australia’s Market Development Facility to promote inclusive and sustainable private sector-led growth

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The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce recently entered into an MOU with Market Development Facility (MDF), Australia’s flagship private sector development program. The program aims to support private sector growth while creating economic opportunities within Sri Lanka.

A range of programs including workshops and seminars will be held, with the aim of knowledge sharing and awareness building, on topics that will help boost growth in the private sector.

The first event which has been scheduled, will focus on creating awareness on climate change associated risks and its subsequent impact on business models. The target audience will be stakeholders of agribusinesses and they will be encouraged to channel  investments towards climate adaptation strategies; in order to improve agricultural livelihoods. Stakeholders and experts in the field will meet on an online platform, to share useful strategies and relevant knowledge. Senior officials, decision makers, planters and agri firms are expected to attend the virtual program.

The MDF is an Australian Government funded multi-country initiative, run by Palladium, which promotes sustainable economic development through higher incomes for individuals in its partner countries in the Indo-Pacific.

In Sri Lanka, the MDF works towards supporting high value tourism, agriculture and fisheries sectors with cross-cutting investments to promote climate change adaptation strategies, while providing access to finance and digital tools necessary to support businesses in Sri Lanka. Thus far investments made by the MDF have benefitted 28,710 men and women, generating an additional income of USD 15,091,000 to Sri Lankans.

Accordingly, the CCC welcomes this partnership and is glad to have MDF on board as it contributes to broadening their network and resources. Similarly the MDF expressed that they support the CCC’s agenda of strengthening private sector growth,as it aligns with similar goals of the MDF: inclusive, private-sector led growth. The MDF is of the view that shared goals set the foundation for a successful partnership,  which will contribute positively to the economic growth of Sri Lanka.

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