A new organic fertiliser manufacturing platform for Mahaveli Knuckles Organic Agricultural Zone

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Subject to provisions of Sri Lanka Mahaveli Authority Act Moragahakanda, Kalu Ganga Mahaveli ‘F’ zone has been declared to be a sustainable development zone that carries out
organic agricultural production by a gazette notification.

It is expected to escalate the income of the farmer community by the production of agricultural crops utilizing organic input and void of poisonous chemicals as well as to realize the national organic agricultural crops production targets through the participation of a farmer community equipped with enhanced skills on organic agriculture.

With the objective of producing organic fertilizer required for crop cultivation, in the long run, it has been planned to establish two organic fertilizer production centres with laboratory facilities in Wellewela and Guruwela Mahaveli zones. Wellewela organic fertilizer production centre is planned to be established as the first step of the programme and has been forecast of the annual production of 2,000 metric tons of fertilizer.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal furnished by the Minister of Irrigation for entrusting the contract of construction of the said organic fertilizer centre to the Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau as a direct contract.

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