“Microsoft and DP Education Join Forces to Empower Sri Lankan Youth in Digital Literacy and Revolutionize Education for the Future”

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Microsoft Sri Lanka and DP Education, the education arm of the Dhammika and Priscilla Perera Foundation, have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to empower Sri Lanka’s youth in digital literacy and provide them with the necessary skills to thrive in the 21st-century digital economy. The partnership aims to offer free education in AI, coding, robotics, and computer programming to students across the country.

DP Education has launched the DP Education AI, Coding and Robotics Campus to ensure that all students in Sri Lanka have access to these crucial technological skills. The organization plans to establish 331 coding schools and robotics campuses in all Divisional Secretariats, benefiting over 165,000 students. These centers will be equipped with computers and educational robots to enhance STREAM learning.

Microsoft, driven by its mission to empower individuals and organizations worldwide, has joined hands with DP Education to bridge the gap between students and the DP Foundation. Microsoft will provide technical support and connect students to courses and materials, thereby enhancing their digital skills and preparing them to compete in the global job market.

DP Education will utilize Microsoft 365 A1, a suite of tools designed to improve learning outcomes and create an intelligent environment. This technology will enable collaborative classrooms, support educators in delivering courses, and provide an innovative learning experience to students of all ages. By offering these educational technologies free of charge, DP Education aims to unlock the potential of students and strengthen their tech knowledge, contributing to reducing unemployment in Sri Lanka.

Harsha Randeny, Country Manager for Microsoft Sri Lanka and Maldives, expressed his delight in collaborating with DP Education and emphasized the importance of equipping the youth with the right skills for the future workforce, particularly in AI. Microsoft aims to empower DP Education in its mission to produce one million young coders and democratize digital education for all children in Sri Lanka.

The partnership also focuses on promoting an inclusive culture and empowering young girls in coding. Microsoft aims to support DP Education in producing half a million young girl coders, contributing to the growth of the Female Labor Force Participation Rate. By providing opportunities for girls to develop analytical judgment and flexibility, the partnership aims to prepare them for the future of work and enable them to play an active role in the transformational work patterns brought about by AI integration.

Currently, more than 20 DP Education AI, Coding and Robotic Campus centers are open seven days a week, offering support from teachers and center coordinators to help students maximize their STREAM learning potential.

In conclusion, the partnership between Microsoft Sri Lanka and DP Education holds the promise of empowering Sri Lankan youth with digital skills, fostering an inclusive culture, and increasing their employment opportunities. By providing free education in AI, coding, and robotics, the collaboration aims to create a skilled workforce capable of thriving in the digital economy while preparing students for the future of wor

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